Trusted Leader in Waste Audits and Recycling Reporting

US Waste Audits is a  National Waste Audit service, dedicated to providing exceptional recycling and waste reporting on site at your building.

Focusing on more efficient and effective opportunities in handling of your waste stream.


Waste stream diversion is essential for modern buildings.  Let US Waste Audits help to maximize your efforts by scheduling a free consultation with one of our professionals.  Help your building gain those extra points while applying for LEED certification.


Innovation and expertise are key ingredients for us. We mix a consistent blend of field and in-house work to ensure all project needs are met. Whether dealing with a major LEED project or breaking ground on a Green building, our certified techicians work with you to ensure maximized efforts for your waste stream.


By scheduling a waste audit with US Waste Audits, we can identify new opportunities in handling your waste stream.  We can help to reduce waste management cost and show you how to get a better use of limited resources.

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We Offer:
  • On-site weighing of waste streams
  • Certified reports to submit to USGBC for LEED credits
  • Continued training for greater diversion numbers


  • To determine composition and quantities of waste being generated
  • To measure effectiveness of exsisting waste stream systems
  • To identify diversion opportunities for improving waste streams and strategies 
  • To collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization strategies